Danse Macabre
tombs opening.
Zombies come fourth;
to reveal their bare bones.
Cracks and crisp ice
Even their breath freezes
to resemble gooey
snot. How they would have loved
to once-more feel the bitter
But they are DEAD…
They creep back into their gelid crypts
and sleep another thousand years.


Curiosity, a surreal tale

Mada entered a wood full of wooden spoons. On each wooden spoon had writing on it. Each time one grabbed at a spoon, one would get spanked, Frightfully hard.

Mada was perplexed. Why are those spoons spanking me? All I want to do is take a look at the writings on them!

As Mada sat on a toadstool complaining about how red her bottom was,from all the spankings she had received, a Badger came up to her. And asked; ‘Whatever is the matter?’

‘I wanted to read the writing on those spoons over there’ said Mada. ‘You won’t be able to read those’ Replied the badger. ‘not unless you give the tree a gift.’

‘Oh,Said Mada, If I give the tree a gift, I can read the writings on the spoons?’ ‘Indeed you can young lady’ Replied the badger. ‘Though,be careful what gift you choose,because if the old oak doesn’t like your gift,he is liable to get most angry.’

‘Oh-Dear, said Mada, that would be frightfully unpleasant.’ ‘Indeed it would,said the badger. Indeed it would.

On that note the badger disappeared down a hole and there was Mada all-alone once more.

‘I wonder if I could steal some flowers from that garden over there?’ wondered Mada. I’m sure the old oak would like those!’

And so Mada sneaked in-to the garden over yon and picked lots of flowers, all different kinds. The problem was; they all looked so wonderfully beautiful and Mada thought she had better pick a few of every flower in the garden, just to be on the safe side. ‘I wouldn’t want to upset the Old oak’ thought Mada.

And so Mada picked and picked the flowers in the garden,until it was completely bare. And walked over to the Old Oak tree and said; ‘Old oak, I offer these flowers to you, in return all I ask is for you to let me read the messages on those wooden spoons’

To which the Old oak replied in a very deep and scary voice; ‘How dare you pick my flowers!’ ‘How dare you!’ You were so desperate to read my messages,that you were quite prepared to-do anything; to satisfy your greed.

‘You have stripped my garden bare!’ just like the others. And as a consequence, you will have to become one of my wooden spoons.’

And with that, without being able so much as to utter a single reply. Mada was transformed in-to a wooden spoon and was placed on the lowest branch of the tree, to- which the badger, coming out of his hole, took a pen and wrote on the wooden spoon the name: Mada and the date. And smiled at the old Oak.

Meanwhile, a chap was walking into the wood and was looking in the garden which was now full of flowers once-more and started to walk towards the Wooden spoons.

The badger disappeared down his hole.