About Me

“I started writing to escape my life, Then writing became my life. flying to Never-land and having tea with Fauns”



“I am a writer,Poet and Campaigner for Cetaceans”

I love to write and my favourite ways of expressing myself is through Haiku,short stories and Prose.  Sometimes less is more, other times I need a little more ink in order to express myself properly.

My writing style I would describe as fairly contemporary. I like to play with words ,yet I also like to keep it simple at times too.

Life gets so unnecessarily complicated at times,therefore it is just swell to relax and write. Writing helps me to escape and to better understand and express what life means to me. It also allows me to create whatever world I want. There are no limits to what happens. If I want to live permanently in fairy-land I can,which is vital to my happiness.

Writing is a very important part of my life. I literally have to write. Since childhood I have gotten lost in the world of Children’s books. I seemed to find many friends there. I would at difficult times imagine myself going to these places,and meeting with these characters.That is when I started to write; In order to allow myself the ability to time travel and to escape my life.

Naturally (I hope) I have improved in my writing over the years. But I have a particular fondness for my earlier creations. The characters I create become as real as you,who is reading this ‘about me page’ therefore I am very protective of my friends. As I’m sure you are of yours.

I hope you Enjoy joining with me in what is sometimes madness, or at other times a serious and emotional Journey.

One thing I know; One can always have tea with fauns, if one finds this world a little too much to bear.


Much love to You all, Nicole Amber, (Amber Danette)

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Writer,flying to neverland and having tea with fauns.

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Writer,flying to neverland and having tea with fauns.

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